Who We are

Fradan Manufacturing produces high-quality professional-grade lawn and garden power equipment. Fradan Manufacturing was established in 1990 as a logical outgrowth of a long-established intimate relationship of using, maintaining, and developing power equipment. In the decade or so since its inception, Fradan has acquired a reputation with professional landscapers nationwide as a dependable, reasonably priced equipment manufacturer. Fradan offers a product line noted for its ease of use, long-term durability, and superior performance, within an affordable price structure. Our mission is to bring superior performing products to market with unmatched reliability and value.

Founded and managed by Frank DeBartolo, Fradan has grown consistently, by leading the industry with innovation while steadily expanding the product line with high performing quality equipment. Frank learned as a young landscaping professional how power equipment should work feel and respond. He knows first hand what features/ construction a machine must have to successfully endure difficult real-world field conditions. He also knows first hand the disappointment and loss of productivity caused by badly engineered products. Add to this operational expertise, a large close family of devoted landscaping and equipment professionals proves daily that Fradan Equipment performance and service are unmatched in the power equipment industry today.

How We Started

The genesis of the company dates back to the early 1980s and the development of its first blower, then known as Frail Motor Works. It had been in operation for about ten years as a full-service dealer and repair shop in landscaping equipment. From humble beginnings, it evolved into a complete machine shop with an advanced metal fabrication department. It had a complete state of the art machine shop with CNC milling machines; lathes, precision grinders, and CNC laser cutters in addition to a complete metal fabrication department. Their competitive advantage was its ability to fabricate a part if it was not available on order. With its marketing slogan, "If Frail can't get the part, we'll make it," Frank De Bartolo, founder of Fradan built loyalty within his customer base.

"Necessity is the motherhood of invention". As with any great company, Frank responded to the requests of his customers to produce the first leaf blowers in 1990 that would comply with new noise ordinance in certain towns and municipalities. After years of R&D, the first units offered a significantly lower noise level while at the same time developing greater power through increased fan efficiency. Thus a new company was formed, Fradan Manufacturing, and it has been designing and building new products to this current date.

Fradan Family

The management of Fradan has, in addition to over 50 years of cumulative experience in the lawn and garden industry, active members of the Sales and Marketing industry, as well as seasoned professionals in the quality, manufacturing, plastics, and design engineering fields, on top of the extensive experience in repairing and selling lawn and garden products.Our EngineersFradan's engineers are of a different class... Our engineering department works with commercial users to see what their needs and wants are. Our team includes over 50 engineers with specialties in mechanical, electrical, and plastic engineering. They are very familiar with this industry because Fradan realizes the importance of having a team with extensive knowledge in the lawn and garden industry.Our Sales TeamFradan has assembled a team of highly experienced salesmen who are dedicated to providing individualized service and insuring consumer satisfaction.Our Parts and Service DepartmentOur representatives are readily available to answer all of our customer's questions. Each representative has been extensively trained in technical knowledge and service. Every member of this department has either worked for or owned their own lawn and garden dealership so they are able to relate to the importance of getting the right help quickly. They are committed to maintaining a 99% inventory fill rate. Fradan understands the importance of receiving a part quickly. We are able to guarantee 24 hour delivery service if needed.