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Fradan's innovations in blower design have always led the way and promise to set the standards for years to come. With their new improvied impeller, blower housings and twin cylinder engines, the Fradan Magnum Push Blowers are believed by many to be the most powerful push blowers in the world today. The Magnum gives you the ability to unleash the power of a hurricane by simply raising the throttle. Fradan has always efficiently managed to produce more power, while still keeping the lightweight design, without sacrificing integrity or quality.

Our ten blade impeller with a unique aerodynamic design is casted from
a high quality aluminum alloy making it very durable yet light in weight.
The new design enables the impeller to produce a tremendous amount of
air, making this a highly efficient impeller. The impeller also features a tapered
locking hub and built in wheel puller, making removal and service a snap.
Larger and wider tires make manuevering on and off curbs and through rough
lawns easy.These unique tires prevent units from sinking into soft lawns. Turf
saving tread prevents unsightly grooves in lawns.
Fradan has specially engineered the front air intake silencer to muffle
air intake noise and increase air volume output. This unique design also
prevents leaves from clinging, thereby averting any loss in performance.
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