Leaf Vacuums - TLV- 35D LEAF VACUUM
Municipalities’ first choice is the heavy duty TLV-35D. This serious product is equipped with a 35HP Diahatsu engine. It’s two cylinder Vanguard/ Diahatsu engine built to last, this product offers heavy duty framework coupled with a replaceable blower housing liner, which protects the blower housing from being damaged and makes maintenance upkeep very easy. The engine and the fan are isolated making for a smoother running machine. This machine is also equipped with a torque multiplier. By delivering more torque to the impeller it minimizes vibration and makes the machine run a lot smoother. It utilizes a 16inch air intake nozzle and a large 12inch discharge, reducing clogging especially when sucking up wet leaves and debris. Due to its impressive blower housing design, this loader has the ability to consume large piles of leaves and debris pulverizing them to a ratio of up to 15:1. In other words, this makes the pile 15 times smaller. All of TLV models are equipped with a trailer package which includes:

- Unit comes complete with ST 205-75 R15 tires 6 ply
- Also with a standard pintle hook (optional 2" or 2-5/16" ball hitch)
- Fenders, safety chains, & LED lighting kit
- Also, illuminated license plate bracket (neccessary in most states)
- Tough and durable suspension system Other Standard Features:
- The trailer package is fitted with torsion bar suspension. This aids in keeping the machine stable, when maneuvering through bumps and turns.
- This unit is also equipped with replaceable housing liners. This strengthens the blower housing and increases longevity by putting the wear and tear all on the liners. When liners wear out, simply replace them.
- This unit is equipped with an adjustable hose boom which aids in reducing user fatigue.




Engine Displacement
Fuel Capacity
Tire Size
Lighting Kit
Vacuum Hose

Tow Bar

Hitch Height
Discharge Hose
Hitch Class Requirement
Wheel Base
Dry Weight
35 Hp Vanguard Engine
Turnkey Electric Start
8.5 Gallons
ST 205-75 R15 6 ply
Heavy Duty LED Type
16" diameter by 10' long
26inch diameter reinforced blades,
1/2 inch steel
Standard pintle
(Optional 2" or 2-5/6" Ball Hitch)
18" to 25" Adjustable
12 x 5 heavy duty flexible metal
Class III
Torsion Bar
124"x 76"x 133" (LxWxH)
1980 lbs
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