Leaf Vacuums - TLDD- 35V LEAF VACUUM

Most Power, Best Price:
Meet the Future of All Truckloaders

Fradanís newly-designed Direct Discharge 35Hp Truckloader, model TLDD-35V, is the new gold standard in truckloaders. In this model, sleek, lightweight, and compact design meets incredible power, all at an amazing price point.

Newly improved Shredding Blades will cut through and shred leaves to a 15:1 compaction ration. Tapper locking hub and built in wheel pulley makes removing impeller a breeze. Longer lasting blades 1/2inch thick and a bigger 21inch diameter will outperform the competition.



Engine Displacement
Fuel Capacity
Tire Size
Lighting Kit
Vacuum Hose

Tow Bar

Hitch Height
Discharge Hose
Hitch Class Requirement
Wheel Base
Dry Weight
35 HP Vanguard Engine
Turnkey Electric Start
6 Gallons
ST 205-75 D15
Heavy Duty LED Type
14" diameter by 10' long
21inch diameter reinforced blades,
1/2 inch steel
Standard pintle
(Optional 2" or 2-5/16" Ball Hitch)
18" to 25" Adjustable
10 x 6 heavy duty flexible metal
Class III
Torsion Bar
87"x 57"x 118" (LxWxH)
1130 lbs
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