Vortex Series - 14HP KOHLER

Once again, Fradan is giving you, the buyer, more choices. We at Fradan offer a wide variety of horse power and engine manufactures to fit the specific needs for each customer. The Vortex 14hp Kohler engine blower is just another example of the wide variety Fradan offers. With an overhead cam- this blower offers high performance and long life at a very affordable cost. It still features our vortex blower housing offering more force due to increased air pressure and cfm (cubic feet per minute). The Vortex Series also uses a more effective 10 bladed impeller weighing only 9 lbs.

- 14hp Kohler Engine
- Extended engine warranty
- Extremely light power to weight ratio
- Non clogging air intake
Oil Guard
Engine Hp
Engine Type
Engine Displacement

73 lbs.
14 Hp
24.7in 429cc
7.4 qts.(7L)
Flywheel Magneto
(Electronic Ignition System)
Rope Start

Please note: all specifications are subject to change without notice

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